Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Paper: "A First Course on Cyber Physical Systems"

by Walid Taha, Robert Cartwright, Roland Philippsen, and Yingfu Zeng

will be presented at the first Workshop on CPS Education (CPS-Ed) at CPSWeek 2013 on April 8th, 2013 in Philadelphia.

Abstract: Effective and creative CPS development requires expertise in disparate fields that have traditionally been taught in distinct disciplines. At the same time, students seeking a CPS education generally come from diverse educational backgrounds. In this paper we report on our recent experience developing and teaching a course on CPS. The course can be seen as a detailed proposal focused on three three key questions: What are the core elements of CPS? How can these core concepts be integrated in the CPS design process? What types of modeling tools can assist in the design of cyber-physical systems? Experience from the first two offerings of the course is promising, and we discuss the lessons learned. All materials including lecture notes and software used for the course are openly available online.

A preprint of the paper can be found here.